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our key services listed as below

  • Detailed fire risk assessment from practical perspective

  • Fire Alarm System design, installation and maintenance

  • Personal Vocal fire training for employee with practical use of fire extinguisher.

  • Emergency lighting, fire evacuation plan

  • Fire safety sign and product suppliers

  • Provide advise on minimum legal requirement of having fire system in place according to BS 5839: 2013

  • Advising domestic landlord, tenant and estate agent on importance of fire hazard and minimising risk of it by putting right measure in place. We provide special customise guide for recommended installation of fire-safety product.

Our Expertise:
  • We take on board latest cost effective measure to tackle fire risk and fire protection requirment of our client

  • Broad knowledge of fire protection system design, installation and maintenace

  • Provide professional service of fault finding and rectification of fire protection system

  • We understand specific demand/needs of clients so we provide customised solution of such requirement.

  • we use state of art technology to provide fast and efficient fire protection system

  • we offer 24x7 emergency call-out service for our clients' complete peace of mind


What clients said

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Fire safety system

Fire detection and alarm system. we design, install and maitain. we understand your business needs and provide you efficient solution and 24x7 support. we consult and provide choices.

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Fire Extinguisher

For all you need of in-house fire extinguisher. we provide varies type of fire extinguisher. Please inquire about your need.


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Safety Sings

we offer standard and customised safety sign for every need of your business. put instruction under simplest understandable method.

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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is integral part of fire safety management. please enquire for futher detail.


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We also offer our client CCTV system Install / Maintenance / Repair service on top of Fire Safety system.

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Security System

We also provide professional intruder and burglar Security System.


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