Fire Risk Assessment

We provide very professional service of Fire Risk Assessment and advice to our clients. This includes practical consideration of all aspect of premises and complying fully with Fire Safety Order (2005) for you to meet legal requirement.

Our Fire Risk Assessment follows Government and HSE guidelines to:

  • Identify hazards

  • Identify people at risk

  • Evaluate, remove or reduce the risk

  • Record significant findings

  • Monitor and review processes

Regulatory reform order (fire safety order) 2005 puts onus on “Responsible Person” to take appropriate action to protect life from fire risk. This includes carrying our regular fire risk assessment of premise (once a year at least). Appex fire safety offer professional service of fire risk assessment by experienced and qualified fire risk assessor.  The first step of preventing fire is carrying out fire risk assessment. You must carry out fire risk assessment of your premises annually.

It is best practice to make sure your current fire risk assessment is also updated regularly to encompass any layout/building change or other factor affecting overall risk. Fire risk assessment is must if you employ fire or more employees.  


Professional Fire Risk Assessment- from £170+VAT


Appex fire offer professional fire risk assessment to take stress and responsibility away from you. It will be carried out by experienced and qualified risk assessor and provided with comprehensive report highlighting recommendation and action plan. Fire risk assessment is legal requirement in UK under fire safety order (2005) for most responsible persons (i.e. Owner, Landlords, Managing agent etc).
Business organisation must nominate a person identified as “Responsible Person”. He/She has duty to ensure all reasonable steps are taken to prevent fire. This includes carrying our fire risk assessment as well.


Do I need fire risk assessment?

  • Legal requirement under Fire Safety Order (2005) for “The Responsible person” to annually carry out or review fire risk assessment of premise

  • If you are buying or selling a flat within a block or converted property you would be required to provide a Fire Risk Assessment to cover the common area of the flats.

  • If layout or structure has changed or altered

  • If purpose of building has changed or major use/activity has changed

  • If nature of business has changed

Changes in the layout of the premises, the use of it, or the type of occupant can make a big difference to your fire prevention plans, so it’s important to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment review if any of these take place.

What is fire risk assessment?
Fire risk assessment is comprehensive review of your premise for prevention of fire. An assessor will go through series of checks and account many different risk factor. Generally following things are checked.

  • Layout, construction and use of premises

  • Nature of business activity or operation

  • Assessment and prevention strategy of Hazards (ie)

  • General house keeping

  • Fire compartmentation and fire doors

  • Hazards developing by storage of any dangerous or flammable material

  • Escape route and their suitability

  • Fire safety sign including emergency lighting (if any)

  • Early warning system: Fire detection and Alarm system

  • Fire defence equipment and its suitability

  • Appropriate maintenance and testing procedure

  • Maintenance of appropriate documentation and record keeping


In many cases an assessment will identify that an excessive number of fire extinguishers have been specified by the fire extinguisher supplier. The saving associated with the reduction in the number of extinguishers will often cover the cost of the Fire Risk Assessment. We will always make best effort to give you competitive price so just give us a call to see if we can help you.

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