Fire Alarm Fault - Finding & Repair

Appex fire safety has dedicated team of experienced Fire Protection engineers providing 24/7 Emergency Callout Service in and around London area. If you have one or more of following situation and looking for emergency call out of an engineer, Give us call on 02080049005 or 07912356410 for any of below or related situation.

  • Do you have fault in Fire Alarm and/or on Fire Alarm control panel?

  • Do you have Fire Alarm activated?

  • Intermittent fault on Fire Alarm system and looking for thorough investigation?

  • Fire alarm showing Warning sign and you want professional to have to look?

  • Do you have Amber/Yellow warning light flashing on fire panel & It is beeping and you want to stop, investigate and fix it

  • And for any reason your Fire Alarm is sounding/beeping and you want to stop, investigate and fix it

We will attend all fire alarm emergency or any related issue on your call for London and surrounding Area and you can rely on us to fully fix it or give you best solution until proper investigation of fault take place.

Why choose us:

  • Fire Alarm & Smoke Vent Expert

  • Work on almost All Make and Model of Fire Alarm

  • Experienced, Professional & Reliable Fire Alarm Engineer

  • London based Engineers and quick response for London and surrounding area 24x7

  • Qualified and Certified staff

  • 24 hour service, 7 days a week

  • We have proven track record of solving issues. Have helped many client Day or Night 24hr service

We endeavour to resolve your emergency as quick as possible. We are honest, professional, Reliable and based in London. We work on most of fire alarm systems and we are confident we can help.


Notice: if you are not contracted with us, then a Standard Emergency Call out Charge (Starting from £100) applies to any callout service. Give us call to get more detail.

What people are saying about our service

Fire Alarm

Expert in All Fire Alarm make and model. Fire Alarm Installation, Maintancence and Repair. Professional service for any Fire Alarm emergency. We deal with all make and model. Do give us a call 02080049005.

Smoke Vent

Smoke vent installation and testing service. Expert in interfacing smoke vent with fire alarm. Any issue with smoke vents? Why not give a call to specialist here.

Emergency Light

Specialist in the supply and installation of various types of emergency lighting to suite your commercial and residential sites. We carry out annual service & Maintenance of your Emergency light. Please request for quote.

Fire Extingusher

We supply all commonly used Fire Extinguishers. we also offer Installation, Commissioning, Service and Maintenance of Fire Extinguisers.